Rapid Prototyping

The possibility of application of SLS technology directly affect changes in the cycle of the new product development (Figure and enable saving time and cost (the cost).

Ciklus razvoja novog proizvoda
Figure Development cycles of new products.
Typical (left), Ideal-using SLS technology (right)

In the initial stages of product development SLS technology is used for prototyping without the need for additional tools . The application of these technologies in the early stages of the development cycle allows the early detection of defects in design ( structural defects ) and reduced late design changes without the need for expensive production tools. Furthermore, this produced a functional prototype undergoing testing in realine terms of use. As a result , the direct " consequence " application SLS is that the changes in the design of a reduced phase koncepcionog design, sizing and development phase details. On the other hand, without the use of SLS technology to develop prototypes in a typical product development cycle , design changes are taking place throughout the cycle , as is shown in Figure left . Given the fact that the total cost of the product development phase of construction goes about 10 % , and that the price of a functional product is less than 1% of the total cost of product development, it should be noted that this low price in order to study whether the product is of good design, functional and acceptable in the market.