"ImPossible Design 2021" - Competition for the best design solution and prototyping of young designers

Kraljevo, Bologna, Zagreb, Gračanica – September 15th, 2021 –
The A_MADAM project today announces opening of "ImPossible design 2021" competition. 

The "ImPossible Design 2021" prizes will be awarded for the most creative application of possibilities of 3D printing, additive manufacturing, 3D scanning or a combination of the 3D technologies in the following categories:

ImPossible Design Design & prototype competition for young designers „A_MADAM“ (Advanced Design for Optimal Dynamic Properties of Additive Manufacturing Products)

ImPossible design - Competition for the best design solution and prototype design for young designers

The motive for organising the competition “ImPossible Design“ is to promote additive manufacturing (the so-called “3D printing“) based on the principle of “layer by layer“ manufacture, which allows the release of designers' creativity and innovativeness in new product development.