IMPuls opened its newly equipped “3D world” laboratories

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Kraljevo and IMPuls project of “Innovative Management for New Products” opened the newly equipped laboratories for 3D scanning and rapid prototyping under the name “3D world”.

The aim of the promotion is to inform professional and general public about so far results of the project and the possibilities available through “3D world” laboratories – a modern technology center to support the development of new products.

The “IMPulse” is funded by the European Union with the support from the City of Kraljevo and Cacak, with the aim of introducing new technologies to support the development and marketing of new products, improve competitiveness of small and medium enterprises of Raksa, Rasinski and Morava districts. The project is implemented by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering from Kraljevo with its partners – the City of Kraljevo, Kraljevo Regional Chamber of Commerce, University of Bologna and the Regional Centre for SMEs from Krusevac.

A large amphitheater of the Mechanical Engineering faculty was not large enough to accommodate the number of interested guests, among them the Deputy Mayor, Ivan Jovanovic, Mayor of Kraljevo, Ljubisa Simovic, representatives of local government and the parliamentary groups of Kraljevo Parliament, representatives of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce as well as many company representatives – future customers of the laboratory.

The ceremony began with the project presentation by project manager, assistant professor Dr. Ciric Snezana Kostic, who briefly described the project and its objectives to accomplish during the two year period.

The representative of the EU Delegation in Serbia, Ms Valerie Covic, described the high expectations that the EU Delegation has from the project and thanked everyone who came to honor the opening of the laboratory.

On behalf of EOS company, Peter Rošker Sales Manager for Eastern Europe, thanked the hosts for successful cooperation and expressed hope that the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of Kraljevo and EOS company will continue to collaborate on new projects to develop industrial production in Serbia.

Representatives from EOS, Zoran Marenić and Topomatika, Marko Horvat, presented the technology contained in the newly opened laboratory “3D world”.

Then guests were also greeted by the representative of the Regional Centre for Small and Medium Enterprises from Krusevac, Mr Radisav Marjanovic, describing the results of the initial measurement of competitiveness of enterprises in these three central districts of Serbia.

Representative of the EU Delegation to Serbi,a Valerie Covic, officially opened “3D world” laboratory, which will offer services in 3D scanning, reverse engineering and rapid prototyping and prototype samples of products from metals and plastics.

• 3D scanning is the process of digitizing the existing geometric shapes and their interpretation in the technical documents that can be further used in the process of product development and manufacturing. The project was acquired by Scanner ATOS 3D Compact Scan 5M, German company GOM with all the software needed to quickly and accurately capture the geometric shape of the product.

• Machines are used for rapid prototyping and product work on the principle of direct laser sintering of metal and plastic directly from computer models. The production process consists of the preparation of computer models for the processing of EOS software company and virtual machine software to cut part of a large number of thin cross-sections. Machine prepares the work thin spreading dust layers of virtually cut thickness, and then combines the power of the laser beam. Upon completion of the process the layer is repeated by applying a new one, mixing it with the previous cross section.

EOSINT M280 is a machine for direct metal laser sintering and tool steel, stainless steel and aluminum. Thickness ranges from 0.02 to 0.04 mm, a laser power of 200 W. Pieces of tool steel can be heat-treated.

FORMIGA the P100 is a machine for direct laser sintering of plastic and polyamide PA, polisterina, composite materials, etc. Thickness ranges from 0.01 mm, a laser power of 30 W. Upon completion, the process is repeated by applying new layer.

It is through this procedure, which has not been available in Serbia that is now possible to create complex geometric parts of the form, otherwise impossible to produce through traditional approaches. The obtained products can be used in the design and construction, as well as spare parts and components for the production of small series, even as parts for sale.